Sunday, March 13, 2011

I am back!

I know it's been forever since I have last posted. For Christmas we got a new camera and my plan was to be a better blogger. Nope that hasn't happened. I have friends that tell me and my own husband says our blog is horrible. So I was setting up a blog for Jason and his Dad for a construction blog, I decided I better update my own. No pictures but I promise a new post coming soon! This will be for you Mandie and Megan!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Cash's 1st Birthday!

I know I have been a horrible blogger the last 6 months. I have kept busy, but not that busy so it's no excuse. After trying to catch up a little bit I decided I will not go that long again, it's harder to try and catch up. So here are a few new posts to get you up to date with us!

Cash's 1st Birthday
Sunday, August 2nd

Dad showing Cash how to ride his new four wheeler
Always on the run! He's hard to keep up with now!
My new 4-wheeler
Playing before church

Saturday, August 1st
Cash's Birthday Party

Taking Grandma home. Cash Loves to go on the Rhino!
Giving "Da Da" loves
Yummy Cake and one messy face

Trying out his birthday present

Cash got lots of fun things for his birthday!!

The Birthday Cake

Cash has been a biter lately, I think he has some new teeth coming in. In the video it's so funny, even though were trying to get him not to bite it was still funny to watch this. When he is on his 4-wheeler the cousins are trying to push the button to get it to go and he'll lean over to bite them everytime!

Fun in the Sun

"Our Boy"
"Peek A Boo"
Cash looks so serious, he was getting so tired
Getting used to the water

Cash Loves to Swing

Swimming with the cousins

Lake Powell

In June we were at Lake Powell with the Ence Family. We had such a good time out there for the week. It's always a nice getaway!! Thanks to Greg and Jill for the great food and the good time we had out there! We can't wait till the next trip!

"Cute Cousins"

Everytime we went for a boat ride, within 10 minutes Cash would be out! He was very relaxed under the drivers wheel. When the engine would shut off or we would slow down he would wake right up! He enjoyed the Lake!

He did not like the hat! We could not keep it on the whole trip!
Cash sure loves his Graham Crackers
A few days before we left to the lake Cash started taking a few steps. At the lake, he started learning to walk a little better. Each day he got better and better!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cash Growing Up

Here are some random pictures of Cash over the past 5 months.

So sleepy
BOO! Dad taking me for a ride in Moms Cricket bag

"Our Big Boy"
Cash loves his "vroom vrooms"

Nap Time with "Da Da"

Me and Dad hanging out together

Loves for Mommy watching Baby Einstein